• Work in Progress

    Acrylic painting: Little Sisters (WIP + finished version)

    I was posting some WIP photos of my newest acrylics work on my social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) for a while and now I’m very proud to say I finished the painting with two cute little girls (that are my work colleague’s daughters). I did work on it for quite a lot and I had a lot of fun with the painting but I’m happy it’s finally finished and I can move on to the next paintings WIP photos of which you can also expect to be posted on this blog in… a while 😀 For the time being please check the below progress shots of the little girls painting and the finished painting you can see in my Gallery.   Details:

  • Gaming

    Games news! Destiny 2, HotS, ESO, Rift

    Destiny 2 for free! Blizzard is offering Destiny 2 for free until November 18 on Battle.NET app! I think it would be a big mistake not to use this opportunity to try it out. If they give something for free – take it, you don’t have to use it immediately after, the important part is that it’s FREE to grab. One of such events (it was Dragon Age: Origins officially offered for free back then) actually got me into gaming so in my opinion if a good game is being given out it may a life changing (gaming is a life style after all) event for someone. I’m currently trying the game out and will share my thoughts about it in a separate post soon 🙂 HotS getting new hero One of the recent Blizzards announcements is a new Heres of the Storm hero – Orphea. And what is completely new about this character – it’s the…

  • Work in Progress

    Painting videos!

    Hi everyone! After struggling a lot with a gooseneck camera stand to record my painting progress I recently did some research and decided I needed something else to record painting easily. I finally got a new stand and I have to say it was a good idea. There are definitely better stands and setups out there, but for now what I have is enough. Using this new stand is how I managed to record a new painting video without any problems. Unfortunately, my uploading speed is still an issue so I had to speed the video up, but since I’ve already recorded it I also decided to add a voiceover this time! And someone asked me on my Fanpage to explain about what are the hardest parts of the painting process for me so that’s what I talked about in this latest video. Anyway, the good news is – now I…

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    ESO Morrowind, Free Crates

    Hi everyone, long time no see! Due to, well… life, I’m less active here on the blog but I’m still alive, more or less, so yay! I did have a long-ish time of almost no gaming though, because I highly focused on art a while ago, but now I’m kind of doing the opposite so a lot of gaming and recently I saw and experienced something that made me come back here like OHMYGOD I HAVE TO WRITE ABOUT IT! And this thing was… yes, Morrowind expansion of Elder Scrolls Online. First of all, every time I talk about any RPG game, be it single player or MMO, I mention how it is important for me to make a believable, lore friendly and  interesting (at least for me!) story for my character. I need to know not only who the character is and becomes throughout the game, but also, who they…

  • Art stuff

    New finished works!

    Well, to be honest, only one of these works is new, but they are both new to the gallery. First a portrait I painted last year and for some reason, I completely forgot about it, so I never uploaded it to my gallery. This commission was quite a challenge because the reference photo I got was tiny – it had a size of those small photos you put in your official documents like IDs or passports. And the requested size of the painting was, if I’m not mistaken, about 30×40 cm. So as you can imagine I had to enlarge the image quite a lot. It was still fun though and I really like it how it came out, especially the skin colour. Of course, it’s not perfect, but then I didn’t have a really detailed photo to work with and also my canvas wasn’t really big. Fortunately, the commissioner was…

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    Alive + HOTS

    Hi everyone! In case anyone was wondering – yes, I’m alive. I had to disappear for a while to take a break from several places I was active at to rethink stuff and gather my power for further activities. I have more time now and I got my strength back, so – here I am! 🙂 I decided to uninstall Bless Online, so, for now, there won’t be new posts concerning this game unless you guys want me to let you know about news and updates in the game, but I still won’t be playing it at the moment, so I won’t be able to discuss their actual impact on the gameplay. I still have ESO installed and Defiance 2050 is actually really fun so I may post my thoughts on them, as well as news and thoughts about my old love – Heroes of the Storm. It’s a MOBA game,…

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    Crafting in ESO

    I haven’t written about The Elder Scrolls Online for a while now so it’s about time for a new ESO post! And in this episode it’s… Crafting! I always loved crafting in games and knowing myself – I always will. In Elder Scrolls Online crafting is enjoyable in my opinion. The common crafting items are pretty easy to obtain and cheap if you choose to buy them. Luck factor is only important while deconstructing items or improving them (only unless you have enough improvement items to make the chance of improvement go up to 100%). Very helpful in ESO crafting is having a subscription (called ESO Plus) active – it gives you a special bottomless crafting bag in your inventory and increases your bank slots (and housing chests) capacity by 100%. Tip 1: you don’t have to manually move crafting items already stored somewhere else to your inventory crafting bag…

  • Gaming

    Rocky Road to… Bless

    Last Monday the Bless Online Advanced Access (for Founder’s Packs owners) went live and on Wednesday the actual Early Access has started on Steam, too. And… unfortunately, both of the launches were rocky. Very rocky in fact. Of course, the problems have started when massive amounts of players tried to log in, create characters and play, all at the same time. Things didn’t go much better when Bless Early Access didn’t start out as intended either, because the base game was locked for buying on Steam for a while. But, most of these things – disconnections, server crashes and restarts were to expect and people who are getting mad because of them aren’t entirely right in my opinion. What is true though, Neowiz tried to handle the problems in an unusual way. New servers were added, yes, but also some of the already existing ones were (temporarily) closed for creating new characters, so…

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    Bless taming feature & Founder’s Packs trailer

    Bless Early Access and Advanced Access are almost here and as many players are eagerly waiting for the launch – the game’s devs gave us some small updates and reminders of what we will see in the game. The first official news update we got this week was a blog post about taming feature. The official post isn’t very informative in my opinion but I guess since the launch is very close – everyone will learn the details “in action”. Even so – I think that if we actually got an update about this matter then it should contain all the important details about it, not just general informations. Anyway, in Bless we will be able to tame most of the creatures in all the zones. The taming feature will give us a chance to turn those creatures either into mounts or into pets (which will not only be cosmetic companions but…

  • Work in Progress

    Acrylic painting: Wolf (WIP #03 + finished version)

    Another interesting week has passed. Where did all the days go? I swear the last thing I remember is maybe Tuesday? And suddenly BAM! It’s Saturday. But I guess I haven’t just skipped the week because apparently not only I’ve been seen at work but I also finished the wolf painting! It took some work but it’s been a lot of fun too. Also I managed to finished it just in time to gift the painting to my mum for Mother’s Day. Part 1 | Part 2 Unfortunately the last Work In Progress photo didn’t save nicely so below is the finished painting.