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Kurecolor markers colour chart

I do hope this blog will not be a one-post blog but I barely got any time to do anything besides work, sleep and painting.
But! I’m really glad because finally I managed to make a Kurecolor colour chart. I’m gradually trying to make colour charts of all markers I have and some of them are really easy to find (like tons of Copic colour charts) or this Pro-/Brush Marker colour chart (it’s awesome!). Unlike Kuretake Clean Color, a blank Kuretake Kurecolor chart is (almost?) nonexistent on the Internet so I wanted to make my own one for a while now and today finally I made it 🙂 It’s just edited colour chart from Kuretake website but still – it’s something. The image below is only a preview of the chart. To download the full version right click THIS LINK and choose “save target element as…”. It’s a png fine with the chart 🙂

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