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    First artwork of 2023!

    A beginning of a new year is always inspiring and exciting. It opens a new chapter of possibilities, expectations, and hopes. For me there’s also a chance just behind a corner, I need to wait a bit, and maybe I’ll have an amazing announcement for you next month 🙂 For now though, I’m thrilled that I got to start the year with a finished commission that I’m proud of and hopefully my future artworks will be even better. I decided to share with you several WIP screenshots but the entire painting process is available for my Paintilings tier on Ko-fi. Painting process

  • Work in Progress

    Acrylic painting: Pondering Fairy (process)

    Hello everyone, in today’s blog post I’d like to show you the process of creating my recent Pondering Fairy painting 🙂 First of all, it was made using November 2021 Paletteful Packs supplies – you can read more about them here. The tools I used: Standard Series Acrylics General Selection Set 6 × 20 ml POSCA Paint Marker, Extra-Fine Bullet – Violet Robert Simmons Sapphire Sable-Synthetic Blend Brush Art Alternatives Artist Palette Knife Crescent Canvas Textured Boards – 8″ x 10″ I started the process by looking for inspiration – I googled fairies and fairy aesthetics. I really wanted some iridescent and close to transparent looking wings, so googled those too. I noticed fairies often are surrounded by toadstools and I found some beautiful pictures of them that gave me an idea about the colours and general setting of the image. What was left to figure out was a pose for the fairy and…

  • Praca w toku

    Gliniany model głowy do wzorowania

    Jeśli Twoi przyjaciele nie chcą Ci pozować – zrób sobie nowego przyjaciela 😉 Jakiś czas temu postanowiłam naprawić moje ukruszone kubki i po dokładnym rozważeniu dostępnych opcji zdecydowałam, że połatam je gliną samoutwardzalną, jako że wydaje się najmniej toksyczna z możliwych rozwiązań (a jeśli kogoś to ciekawi – do zabezpieczenia gliny na kubkach użyłam kleju/lakieru do decoupagu Pentart w wersji silky shine. Update 04.2021: glina się trzyma, klej trochę się zdziera na brzegach przy myciu kubków, ale się nie rozpuszcza podczas używania.) Co zaskakujące, z tego co wiem, nie da się kupić 3 szczypt gliny, więc po naprawie kubków pozostało mi prawie całe opakowanie czegoś, z czego potencjalnie mogłam zrobić coś fajnego. Wtedy przypomniało mi się, że już dłuższy czas temu kupiłam manekina do czapek i peruk, który miał mi służyć za modela to rysowania twarzy, ale nigdy go do tego nie wykorzystałam, bo nie podobała mi się jego twarz.…

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    Clay head model (Work in progress)

    If your friends don’t want to pose for you – make yourself a new friend 😉A while ago I decided I wanted to fix my chipped coffee mugs and after looking for the best option for patching them I decided that using air-dry clay would create the lowest risk of poisoning myself (and, if you’re curious, for sealing the clay on mugs I used Pentart Decoupage Varnish & Glue in silky shine variant). Surprising as it is, you can’t buy just 3 pinches of clay (afaik anyway), so I was left with the whole package of potentially cool stuff I could make out of it. It was then when I remembered that a long while ago I bought a wig/hat mannequin that was supposed to be a head and face reference for my drawings but I’ve never used it because… well, let’s say I’d prefer a slightly differently shaped face.…

  • Life/Announcements,  Work in Progress

    Long time no see

    Sooo… I’ve been artistically inactive lately. For a long time. There were multiple reasons for that but I think some of the reasons are slowly going away and therefore my inspiration is also slowly coming back. During my hiatus, I got myself a display tablet after years of dreaming about one and I’m impressed with how much easier life (as in: digital art) is now. It’s much more intuitive and less tiring than using a regular (non-display) graphic tablet since the brain doesn’t have to perform the circus trick that is processing drawing the thing in one place and seeing the result in the other.  I do recommend getting a display tablet to everyone who can and is considering it. It makes a huge difference. One of the things that helped me get inspired once again was my discovery of a very interesting website. What you do there is merge…

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    Colouring owl with markers and media summary

    So I finished the third and the last version of my little owl, which, this time, I coloured with alcohol-based markers (and coloured pencils). Finishing the project makes me really happy but I also feel kind of… empty? I think it’s because I was very excited to see each version finished and then all the versions next to each other, but now the excitement of anticipation is missing. I guess it’s a sign that I should make more arts with the experiment’s techniques (not necessarily 3 versions of the same drawing though 😀 ). Back to the last version of the owl though. As I said before – this one was coloured with alcohol-based markers and I enjoyed the process a lot – it was quick and fun. But even though I specifically bought some additional marker colours that I thought would be great for this project, it still felt…

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    Same owl – now with acrylics!

    I’m continuing the experiment with colouring my cute owl with 3 different kinds of traditional “wet” media. In the last post I showed the stages of watercolours that I’ve done first, as I was suggested to do in a comment under my Facebook post. Since to do the markers version I need several more colours than I have (fortunately, they are on their way already!) – this time I’ve coloured the owl with acrylics. Even though I’m very used to acrylics – I paint with them very often – this was actually a double experiment for me, because this was the first time I’ve used acrylic paints on paper rather than on canvas and additionally, I didn’t use my usual paints, but completely different, professional ones that I bought to participate in Royal Talens’s international competition. It’s always good to know your media before you start creating something ambitious and time-consuming with…

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    Ulchabhan! …but with watercolours

    My little owl I’ve drawn to help me learn Irish was featured on Ko-fi’s art highlights and it made my evening! I felt and still feel very honoured and appreciated, especially since the art there is hand-picked, not based on likes or popularity. To think someone went to see my work and decided it was worthy of being FEATURED… I still can’t believe it, I’m so grateful, thank you, Ko-fi! I drew that owl, Ulchabhan, to help me learning Irish but then I thought, Owl is a symbol of wisdom, so why not go a step further – with help of my little feathered companion I could also learn other art techniques and media. With the assistance of my awesome lightbox (If you’ve ever considered buying one – just do it, it’s so helpful!) on 3 various kinds of paper, I’ve made 3 sketches based on my original lineart. This…

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    Pencil eraser or Eraser pencil?

    So what’s the difference between a pencil eraser and eraser pencil?Well, one is an eraser and the other one is… also an eraser. Just in a pencil form. And it’s pretty awesome! I bought one a while ago but never really used it seriously, only to test it out. But now as I’m trying to delve more into mixed media traditional art I needed to make a sketch and that’s when I discovered this awesomeness. The eraser (in) pencil I have is the simplest possible Koh-I-Noor Era eraser which it’s super cheap and, surprisingly, super good. It erases pencils really well and is extremely handy when you have to erase only a small detail and your regular big eraser would mess up the other details around. You may say it’s a special task eraser for demanding. I really have no words to express how much I’m in love with this…