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    Paletteful Packs – January 2023

    Contents Daler-Rowney System3 Fluid Acrylic Set  Pigment Load and Fluidity. The System3 Fluid Acrylic has a highly intense pigment load which equals high tinting strength. Its fluid consistency allows you to load a  brush more evenly, allows more uniform brushstrokes, and assists with long painting strokes without reloading the brush. Highly Versatile Fluid. The System3 Fluid Acrylic support a varied range of applications; poured, puddled, dropped & dragged, used for layering & glazing  & mixed with texture paste or other mediums & gels. It can be  mixed with textile printing medium, airbrush medium & System3  pouring medium for traditional fluid art techniques. Wide Range of Applications System3 Fluid Acrylic is durable and flexible with excellent adhesion to multiple surfaces including stone, wood, textiles, canvas &  paper. There is no need to dilute with water for immediate application.  This acrylic offers great coverage making it perfect for murals and  other large…

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    Paletteful Packs – December 2022

    Contents Sennelier Aqua Mini Watercolor Set The  roots of Sennelier watercolors are to be found in the Impressionist  school. At that time, painters drew their inspiration from nature and  set out to reproduce natural light. Watercolor technique offered  spontaneity, lightness of touch, fluidity and transparency allowing a  quick translation of a particular light, vibration or shape. Paul  Cézanne, for instance, produced forty or so watercolors of the Mont Sainte Victoire in Provence. Earlier on in England and on the Normandy  coast in France, William Turner had turned painting in watercolors as an  art form in its own right and had even managed to produce genuine masterpieces. Since then watercolors have become an established part of  the history of painting. Artists love them because of their radiance and  their spontaneity. It is such a pleasure when the painter plays with  the light of the paper and the brightness of fleeting, intense…

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    Painting process – Epic horse scene

    For those who forgot about me: HI! 😀 For those who were wondering if I’m alive – yes, I’m alive and kicking! Well, barely kicking but very much alive 🙂 My new job takes a lot of my time but it’s incredibly fun and I feel very privileged to be able to work in the AAA gaming industry! I have to organise myself better though to get some time somehow and, what’s more important, ENERGY, to paint more. In the meantime, I’d like to share with you the process of painting my latest acrylic commission – an epic horse scene!

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    First artwork of 2023!

    A beginning of a new year is always inspiring and exciting. It opens a new chapter of possibilities, expectations, and hopes. For me there’s also a chance just behind a corner, I need to wait a bit, and maybe I’ll have an amazing announcement for you next month 🙂 For now though, I’m thrilled that I got to start the year with a finished commission that I’m proud of and hopefully my future artworks will be even better. I decided to share with you several WIP screenshots but the entire painting process is available for my Paintilings tier on Ko-fi. Painting process

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    Acrylic painting: Pondering Fairy (process)

    Hello everyone, in today’s blog post I’d like to show you the process of creating my recent Pondering Fairy painting 🙂 First of all, it was made using November 2021 Paletteful Packs supplies – you can read more about them here. The tools I used: Standard Series Acrylics General Selection Set 6 × 20 ml POSCA Paint Marker, Extra-Fine Bullet – Violet Robert Simmons Sapphire Sable-Synthetic Blend Brush Art Alternatives Artist Palette Knife Crescent Canvas Textured Boards – 8″ x 10″ I started the process by looking for inspiration – I googled fairies and fairy aesthetics. I really wanted some iridescent and close to transparent looking wings, so googled those too. I noticed fairies often are surrounded by toadstools and I found some beautiful pictures of them that gave me an idea about the colours and general setting of the image. What was left to figure out was a pose for the fairy and…

  • Praca w toku

    Gliniany model głowy do wzorowania

    Jeśli Twoi przyjaciele nie chcą Ci pozować – zrób sobie nowego przyjaciela 😉 Jakiś czas temu postanowiłam naprawić moje ukruszone kubki i po dokładnym rozważeniu dostępnych opcji zdecydowałam, że połatam je gliną samoutwardzalną, jako że wydaje się najmniej toksyczna z możliwych rozwiązań (a jeśli kogoś to ciekawi – do zabezpieczenia gliny na kubkach użyłam kleju/lakieru do decoupagu Pentart w wersji silky shine. Update 04.2021: glina się trzyma, klej trochę się zdziera na brzegach przy myciu kubków, ale się nie rozpuszcza podczas używania.) Co zaskakujące, z tego co wiem, nie da się kupić 3 szczypt gliny, więc po naprawie kubków pozostało mi prawie całe opakowanie czegoś, z czego potencjalnie mogłam zrobić coś fajnego. Wtedy przypomniało mi się, że już dłuższy czas temu kupiłam manekina do czapek i peruk, który miał mi służyć za modela to rysowania twarzy, ale nigdy go do tego nie wykorzystałam, bo nie podobała mi się jego twarz.…

  • Work in Progress

    Clay head model (Work in progress)

    If your friends don’t want to pose for you – make yourself a new friend 😉A while ago I decided I wanted to fix my chipped coffee mugs and after looking for the best option for patching them I decided that using air-dry clay would create the lowest risk of poisoning myself (and, if you’re curious, for sealing the clay on mugs I used Pentart Decoupage Varnish & Glue in silky shine variant). Surprising as it is, you can’t buy just 3 pinches of clay (afaik anyway), so I was left with the whole package of potentially cool stuff I could make out of it. It was then when I remembered that a long while ago I bought a wig/hat mannequin that was supposed to be a head and face reference for my drawings but I’ve never used it because… well, let’s say I’d prefer a slightly differently shaped face.…

  • Life/Announcements,  Work in Progress

    Long time no see

    Sooo… I’ve been artistically inactive lately. For a long time. There were multiple reasons for that but I think some of the reasons are slowly going away and therefore my inspiration is also slowly coming back. During my hiatus, I got myself a display tablet after years of dreaming about one and I’m impressed with how much easier life (as in: digital art) is now. It’s much more intuitive and less tiring than using a regular (non-display) graphic tablet since the brain doesn’t have to perform the circus trick that is processing drawing the thing in one place and seeing the result in the other.  I do recommend getting a display tablet to everyone who can and is considering it. It makes a huge difference. One of the things that helped me get inspired once again was my discovery of a very interesting website. What you do there is merge…

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    Colouring owl with markers and media summary

    So I finished the third and the last version of my little owl, which, this time, I coloured with alcohol-based markers (and coloured pencils). Finishing the project makes me really happy but I also feel kind of… empty? I think it’s because I was very excited to see each version finished and then all the versions next to each other, but now the excitement of anticipation is missing. I guess it’s a sign that I should make more arts with the experiment’s techniques (not necessarily 3 versions of the same drawing though 😀 ). Back to the last version of the owl though. As I said before – this one was coloured with alcohol-based markers and I enjoyed the process a lot – it was quick and fun. But even though I specifically bought some additional marker colours that I thought would be great for this project, it still felt…

  • Work in Progress

    Same owl – now with acrylics!

    I’m continuing the experiment with colouring my cute owl with 3 different kinds of traditional “wet” media. In the last post I showed the stages of watercolours that I’ve done first, as I was suggested to do in a comment under my Facebook post. Since to do the markers version I need several more colours than I have (fortunately, they are on their way already!) – this time I’ve coloured the owl with acrylics. Even though I’m very used to acrylics – I paint with them very often – this was actually a double experiment for me, because this was the first time I’ve used acrylic paints on paper rather than on canvas and additionally, I didn’t use my usual paints, but completely different, professional ones that I bought to participate in Royal Talens’s international competition. It’s always good to know your media before you start creating something ambitious and time-consuming with…