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    First artwork of 2023!

    A beginning of a new year is always inspiring and exciting. It opens a new chapter of possibilities, expectations, and hopes. For me there’s also a chance just behind a corner, I need to wait a bit, and maybe I’ll have an amazing announcement for you next month 🙂 For now though, I’m thrilled that I got to start the year with a finished commission that I’m proud of and hopefully my future artworks will be even better. I decided to share with you several WIP screenshots but the entire painting process is available for my Paintilings tier on Ko-fi. Painting process

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    2022 art summary

    Hi everyone, I hope you all are doing fine! I’ve been away for a while but I think this post will mark my comeback to the blog because it breaks my “Wall of awful”. We’re nearing winter break so this is a good time for summaries. A lot has happened in my life this year and some things still are happening. I quit my job (technically it was last year, but my notice lasted until the end of February 2022), got some new skills and learned a new language (Jag kan nu tala lite Svenska!). At the moment I’m looking for a new job, so wish me luck because, hopefully, I’m on a good way to getting a great one! I’m one year older, and although I don’t feel this way, I definitely feel one level higher and it seems I got several points to Wisdom (from events that happened…

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    Paletteful Packs – September 2022

    Why does summer always end so fast? Fortunately, the Pallettful Packs deliveries don’t end… unless you want them to 😉 Will this September Pack make me feel summer vibes for longer? Let’s see what’s inside! Contents Tombow ABT PRO Alcohol-Based Marker 12pc Nature Set ABT PRO is a permanent dual tipped art marker with flexible brush tip and chisel tip in one. “Nature” color 12 pcs assortment, including  reusable and stackable desk tray. Brush tip works like a paintbrush to create fine, medium or bold strokes by simply changing brush pressure; chisel tip provides consistent lines and broad coverage for coloring  large spaces. Slender barrel for comfortable grip during use. Ideal for  artists, designers and crafters. Permanent, fast-drying alcohol-based ink produces rich, vibrant colors that can be layered to create rich saturation, shading and color gradation. Durable nylon brush tip and  polyester chisel tip retain shape after heavy use. MSRP:…

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    Paletteful Packs – July 2022

    Fore some reason I exactly knew what would be the main art supply in this pack. I not only guessed the type of the supply but also the brand AND I somehow knew it would be the kind of package that we actually got. Did I sense it? I’m not sure, but I was certainly very proud of myself! 🙂 So, what were the contents of Paletteful Packs in July 2022? Let’s check! Contents Royal Talens Ecoline Brush Pen – 10 Set Talens Ecoline Brush Pen Set of 10 is based on dyes and Gum Arabic. The colors of the Talens Ecoline are astonishingly bright and brilliant. If you wish, you can easily decrease the color intensity through thinning  with water. The Talens Ecoline Brush Pen is very user-friendly and handy when traveling and ideal when working at a place that needs be kept clean. The Brush Pen is ready…

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    Paletteful Packs – June 2022 | Part 2

    This blog post is brought to you by my Ko-fi supporters! Thank you so much! This is part 2 of my June 2022 Paletteful Packs blog post (it was getting too long, so I had to split it into two parts). Below you can read about my thoughts on the supplies from the June 2022 pack and you can also see what I drew with them! (Some of the pictures were available for my Ko-fi supporters in Early Access release) To learn more about Paletteful Packs click HERE. To see what was inside this Pack click HERE. My thoughts The initial tests When you’re facing a blank sheet of a new paper and a bunch of new art supplies with an intention to “draw something” it can be quite an overwhelming feeling. You can overcome it by “taming” the supplies and the paper – familiarize yourself with them, if you…

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    Paletteful Packs – June 2022 | Part 1

    When I saw the list of the June supplies I wasn’t happy at first, “just graphite pencils and many of them, boring”. But then, when I started thinking about it, I actually got excited. I realized I haven’t drawn with pencils for a long time now and no matter if the pencils I’ll receive are to my liking, it’s still pencils, which I used to love and draw almost exclusively with. And now, because I’m getting so many various ones, it will be fun to test them all. So, let’s see what was inside the box this month! (Some of the pictures were available for my Ko-fi supporters in Early Access release) To learn more about Paletteful Packs click HERE. For my final thoughts and artworks click HERE. CONTENTS Woodless Graphite Pencil Set Art Alternatives Woodless Graphite Pencils are made from pure graphite and fine clays with a lacquered exterior…

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    Paletteful Packs – May 2022 

    After the long waiting, the May Paletteful Pack is finally here! I was considering not checking what to expect from the pack in advance this time, but I guess I lost the thought battle 🙂 Maybe next month I’ll be strong enough to not check the contents before the package arrives! When I saw the contents on the Paletteful website, I was underwhelmed, to be honest. 3 small tubes of watercolours, 2 brushes, a watercolour pad and a palette? It didn’t seem like much but when I opened the pack and saw the supplies in real life there was a lot of surprises! So let’s see what exactly I was sent this month! (To learn more about Paletteful Packs click HERE. For my final thoughts and artworks scroll down to the last section of the post.) CONTENTS Holbein Artists Watercolor (Peacock Blue, Opera, and Permanent Yellow) Much of the world-wide reputation…

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    Paletteful Packs – April 2022 

    This is the first Paletteful post after I changed the format of those posts a bit, so I hope it’s going to be easier for both the readers and me to go through it! 🙂 I spoiled myself the surprise before the box arrived because I was super curious about the contents this month! When I saw online what was inside I was excited about the challenge but also worried about how to tackle the media because they’re definitely not something I’m very familiar with. But, I was determined to do my best! CONTENTS Marabu YONO Paint Marker 6-Set  YONO stands for You Only Need One. This new opaque acrylic marker from Marabu works on almost any surface. Canvas or concrete. Glass or ceramic. Wood or plastic. Leather or fabric. The search for the right marker is finally over. Just go ahead and draw. Be creative. No matter what material.…

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    Revisiting my first paints – a horror story

    Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well! I was recently invited to participate in a joint gallery with my past painting group! How cool is that?! I’m very excited about it because I haven’t participated in gallery shows for a long time now! It’s a big honour for me to be invited just like that AND by my past painting instructor! ❤️ To have a decent amount of artworks to hang at the exhibition, I’ve decided to finish two of my old, unfinished paintings that were staring at me every time I passed them (causing remorse). The thing is, the older painting I’ve started in 2019 before I switched to my current, mid-range paints that I actually really like (now I’m using Royal Talens Rembrandt acrylics, back then it was Renesans A’kryl). So, in order to finish the painting properly and make it look consistent, I had to…