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Paletteful Packs – December 2021

My December Pack has finally arrived! It took even longer than usually, but it’s most probably because of Christmas fever and a lot of work in all kinds of courier and postal services. I’m just happy I got it before Christmas 🙂

What is Paletteful Packs?


This time there isn’t many various supplies in the box, it’s mostly 9 markers altogether, 2 brands though.

Paletteful Packs – December 2021 contents
  1. Copic Sketch markers x 5
  2. Marabu Graphix Sketch Markers x 3
  3. Alcohol Black Marker
  4. Winsor Newton Fineliners – Gray 0.1
  5. Marabu Marker Pad (8.3″ X 11.7″) 100% Cellulose
  6. The cutest sticker yet 


I paid for the pack 35$ (around 145 PLN) plus 15$ for shipping (~62,5 PLN) and 40 PLN (around 10$) for customs fees. Altogether it was 60$/245,5 PLN. Let’s see what’s the actual cost of the items inside the package then.

  • Copic Sketch markers x 5 – MSRP: $7.99 each / 32,61 PLN each (39,95USD / 163,05 PLN for all) . Available on SzałArt for 29,80 PLN (7,30 USD) per marker. For five markers it adds up to 149 PLN / 36,51 USD.
  • Marabu Graphix Sketch Markers x 3 – MSRP: $2.99 each/ 12,20 PLN each (8,97 USD / 36,60 PLN for all). They aren’t easily available in Poland. I only found them in sets on ArtEquipment. A set of 6 costs 48 PLN (11,76 USD). That makes 8 PLN (1,96 USD) per marker and 24 PLN (5,88 USD) for 3 pieces.
  • Alcohol Black Marker – MSRP: $7.99  / 32,61 PLN. It’s actually another Copic Sketch marker. In my case the broad tip is dry 🙁 Available on SzałArt for 29,80 PLN (7,30 USD) per marker.
  • Winsor Newton Fineliners – Gray 0.1 – MSRP: $2.99 / 12,20 PLN. Available on SzałArt for 8,75 PLN.
  • Marabu Marker Pad (8.3″ X 11.7″) 100% Cellulose- MSRP: $24.99 / 101,98 PLN. Not available in Poland. Same size A4 one by Winsor&Newton costs 33.50 PLN (also 75g/m2 but 50 sheets instead of 75). Fabriano Layout (same size A4, 75g/m2, 70 sheets) costs 43 PLN. These prices aren’t even close to the suggested one.

The price of the supplies only is 254,55 PLN summed up excluding the shipping and other fees. In this price I calculated the price of the Fabriano marker pad though. If I added up the actual price of the Marabu one it would be 313,53 PLN. Adding up shipping and customs fee it’s 357,05 PLN (Fabriano pad) 416,03 PLN (Marabu pad). I paid 245,5 PLN so this time it was definitely worth it!


Here you have the original descriptions of the items and my comments 🙂

Copic Sketch markers x 5

COPIC markers are versatile double-ended refillable markers with fast-drying, permanent non-toxic ink. The Sketch marker features a comfortable oval barrel with a super brush nib on one end that is perfect for doing professional illustration, fashion design, Manga, and adding detail to your images. The Sketch super brush nib acts like a paintbrush both in feel and color application. For more control, use the medium broad nib on the opposite end of the marker. Both nibs are replaceable.

  • LW note: I knew Copics before and I already have a small (comparing to what’s available! 🙂 ) collection of them, so I was quite happy about them being in the December Pack. TBH they aren’t my favourite markers, and that’s unpopular opinion, but they definitely have the biggest colour range out there amont the alcohol based markers. Colour-, ink- and brush nib-wise I prefer the Winsor&Newton markers but they have limited palette and no refills, nor the nibs aren’t replaceable so in the end Copics, even though pricey, are the better option. Copic Sketch and Ciao markers by default have broad tip on one end and a brush tip on the other end. you can easily tell which end is which by the gray stripe on the marker’s barrel (under the cap). You can buy nib replacements separately. Included colours are: RV11 Pink, YG03 Yellow Green, B14 Light Blue, V09 Violet, E09 Burnt Sienna, 100 Black

Marabu Graphix Sketch Markers x 3

Express your creative ideas in vibrant luscious colors! Create your favorite illustrations, cartooning, animé and fine art projects on a wide variety of surfaces. Add these markers to your alcohol ink collection for more creative possibilities! Use them to draw crisp lines, fill in sharp solids, create color gradations, and add depth to drawings with shading and shadowing techniques. 

  • LW note: I’ve never tried these markers before so I can’t say much about them but at first glance I like their ink. the barrels are square so they won’t roll off the table. They have a broad and a bullet nib. Included colours are: 985 Cool Grey Light, 987 Warm Grey Light, 919 Primary Yellow

Winsor Newton Fineliners

Winsor & Newton’s fineliner in the last box was defective. Here is a replacement. These fineliner pens fit every sketching style. The Winsor & Newton Fineliner has a smooth, tapered nib and a longer barrel that sits comfortably in the hand. The pens feature water-resistant, fadeproof pigment ink. 

  • LW note: An awesome fineliner, with good quality ink. I much preferred the 0.5 one for writing but for lineart this one will probably be better.

Marabu Marker Pad (8.3″ X 11.7″) 100% Cellulose

Use your markers on this new marker paper pad from Marabu. The smooth paper is made specifically for alcohol-based markers. An integrated solvent barrier prevents ink from bleeding through.

  • LW note: I was surprised by this paper. I expected a thicker one but the sheets are actually very thin. The marker ink doesn’t bleed through the paper thanks to wax coating on the back side of the sheets.

Here you can see the samples of all the materials from the Pack:


Paletteful Packs December sticker

Prompt #1: Science Fiction

Prompt #2: Favorite Snack

Prompt #3: Celebrate

Prompt #4: Ornament

And this is it for today! I think I’m pretty lucky – the markers I got didn’t double any ones I’ve already had 🙂 And I’m excited about trying out the Marabu markers although the prompts this month are very challenging!

Have you tried Copic or Marabu markers? Do you prefer other brands? Which ones are your favourites? What paper do you like to use for markers? Feel free to leave a comment here or on my Facebook.

Update 1:

So I tried to work with the markers I got but eventually decided I didn’t like the colours I got in the package so I’ve decided to use my own markers soon in the lineart I’ve prepared. For now, I’m just keeping the lineart how it is though, but I promise to come back to it and colour it with the markers 🙂

Update 2: I guess I finished the image and it’s far from perfect but that’s the point of learning new tools – not perfect this time, closer to perfection next time! 🙂


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