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Pencil eraser or Eraser pencil?

The sketch that made me discover the eraser pencil

So what’s the difference between a pencil eraser and eraser pencil?
Well, one is an eraser and the other one is… also an eraser. Just in a pencil form. And it’s pretty awesome! I bought one a while ago but never really used it seriously, only to test it out. But now as I’m trying to delve more into mixed media traditional art I needed to make a sketch and that’s when I discovered this awesomeness.

The eraser (in) pencil I have is the simplest possible Koh-I-Noor Era eraser which it’s super cheap and, surprisingly, super good. It erases pencils really well and is extremely handy when you have to erase only a small detail and your regular big eraser would mess up the other details around. You may say it’s a special task eraser for demanding.

I really have no words to express how much I’m in love with this eraser. I think though that next time I’ll get one with a brush at the other end of the pencil, because as awesome as it is, this eraser leaves some small shavings and brushing them off with hand may smudge the pencil sketch which I’d prefer to avoid.

Koh-I-Noor Era eraser pencil

So, to summarize this super super short (for once!) post – if you’ve ever wondered if an eraser in pencil is any good, if it’s worth it and if you should buy it – I can tell you that it is indeed very good and if you’ve ever struggled with erasing small details with big eraser then you should definitely give the eraser pencil a try, especially that it doesn’t cost more than a regular eraser.

I hope it was helpful to anyone but let me know if something was unclear or you’d like to know more!


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