Bless taming feature & Founder’s Packs trailer

Bless Early Access and Advanced Access are almost here and as many players are eagerly waiting for the launch – the game’s devs gave us some small updates and reminders of what we will see in the game.

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The first official news update we got this week was a blog post about taming feature. The official post isn’t very informative in my opinion but I guess since the launch is very close – everyone will learn the details “in action”. Even so – I think that if we actually got an update about this matter then it should contain all the important details about it, not just general informations.

Anyway, in Bless we will be able to tame most of the creatures in all the zones. The taming feature will give us a chance to turn those creatures either into mounts or into pets (which will not only be cosmetic companions but also, while summoned, they will provide specific buffs to your character, for example increased speed of health/stamina/mana regeneration). To tame a creature the player will need a taming scroll available to buy from the game’s store for in-game currency.

Below you can watch a short official video showing you some of the mounts you can get by taming Bless creatures. I must admit – they look pretty cool.

Taming will be a skill that can be leveled and the higher its level is – the more pets/mounts you can have tamed. Additionally the tamed pets will also level while summoned and the higher their level is – the better stats they will provide.

It’s a very interesting game mechanics that reminds me of one of my favourite features in Riders of Icarus – you can tame your mounts and pets there too, and the pets also give you some nice passives. Just another thing that makes me want for tomorrow (when the game launches with Advanced Access) to come sooner.

If you decide to get a Collector’s Edition Bless Founder’s Pack besides all the rest of bonuses and perks you will also get:

  • Exclusive Costume Skin (Frozen Glacialis costume): Show others that you are “The Founder” by wearing the Frozen Glacialis costume! Only available in the Founder’s Pack – Collector’s Edition!
  • Exclusive Weapon Skin (The Glacialis Weapon skin): The Glacialis Weapon skin, an elegant design inspired by ice, will make you stand out in the Bless World! Only available in the Founder’s Pack – Collector’s Edition!
  • Exclusive Mount Skin (Frosty White Regulus): Adventure the vast Bless world with Frosty White Regulus, an exclusive Founder’s Pack product!
  • Exclusive Pet Skin (Frosty Wind Ningo): Level-up with the reliable Frosty Wind Ningo, an exclusive Founder’s Pack product!
  • Twinkling Wing Effect: It is a gift given only to the “Founder”.When used, the “twinkling wing effect” will be activated for 5 seconds.

As these are visual bonuses and words can almost never describe the looks of things to make everyone imagine them as they really are – the developer gave us a preview video of all the exclusive skins and mount/pet/wings effect, to help you decide if you like them or not:

In my opinion the skins are really cool, the mount is an awesome beast, and as a paleontologist I totally love the pet… but I think the video would be much better if they hired a camera operator with less shaky hands 😉

Tomorrow the Founder’s Packs will become available to buy and once you have one of them (and after downloading the game, of course) you will be able to start playing immediately, according to Neowiz, the developer. If you don’t decide to buy any of the Founder’s Packs you will still be able to buy the base game on Wednesday, May 30 and join the Bless players community. In fact – you can join the community even now, on official Bless Discord channel. I really recommend you to join the channel if you’re interested in Bless, because it’s the easiest way to get answers to your game-related questions, you can contact the devs there and even get some exclusive Discord-only news about the game. I’m also pretty sure in the future there will be some events or maybe even giveaways running only available for Bless Discord channel members, who knows!

So, see you there!… or in game 🙂


  • Quentin AKA Fayme

    Love the idea of the taming creatures, will make for a lot of added customization to your character on mounts/pets and all your RP backstories 😛

    • LadyW

      Yeah I love the idea too, plus it’s always more things to collect – you know I like to collect and hoard stuff 😀 So it’s gonna pretty much “gotta catch them all” for me 🙂 But on the other hand I’m worried that I’ll love one pet the most but another one will give me the best stats. I know there will be pet skins, so you have one pet with certain stats summoned but it looks different buuuut I’m still wondering how it will work. And maybe I shouldn’t be worried about it if there’s over 600 creatures to tame 😀

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