Bless Dev Talk #02

I wanted so much to write this post sooner but unfortunately I was busy with painting (deadlines are one of the worst things ever). I really couldn’t wait to finally express my thoughts on the last Bless dev talk in which the developer explains what was the most important factor while designing and accepting the final concepts for mobs and zones – the Bless world in general.

I always say how immersive game world is very imortant for me (so loading screens between zones is a BIG no, sorry GW2 and B&S). That’s why I was reading the new Bless Dev Talk with my mouth opening wider and wider because the things that are discussed there are exactly what I look for in games’ worlds. Not just a design that looks awesome, which is always welcome, of course, but, what is more important, “does it make any sense”. As a geologist (yes, that what was my major at University) while playing games I roll my eyes so often and so much I can usually see the back of them (of the eyes, not of the games). Why? Because rocks are created a certain way and while some of the video games rock formations look really cool, they make no sense at all. I mean, unless you explain their existence with magic – magic is the best answer to any nonsense.

I’m not sure how about the rocks but zones and mobs in Bless are supposed to be logical, to have sense. According to the article, while creating lizard folk living on a marsh, for example, the questions to ask were “If lizards evolved, would they look like this?” and “Would lizard people be living in this kind of environment?”. At some points developers even decided to approve less “cool” designs because they weren’t immersive enough.

I can’t express how happy the Bless dev’s point of view makes me. I was already hyped about the game but in all honesty after I read that article I want to just use the “shut up and take my money” meme. This is what the games are supposed to be about. About creating a good, immersive world and story. Not everyone will notice or appreciate all the details, all the work put into the designs, yes, but everyone should have a chance. I know making games is a business and as such it’s supposed to bring incomes. But I also think if a developer cares about the customers (so in this case – people who play the game) and the product’s quality it will bring the incomes. If the main focus becomes “how to get more money” – the game will fail, sooner or later.

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I only hope the promises of immersion and thought put into the designs are not empty. And another hope of mine for Bless is just as awesome and immersive storyline. Because why would I want to play an RPG game if the character I create and spend (hopefully) thousands of hours with is just an empty shell, without a story, without a personality. There was an article about it somewhere, I think, about how MMORPGs lost their “RP” nowadays. Call me crazy but I think Bless is one of those games that might try to bring the RP back to MMOs. I’ll cross all my fingers (and toes!) for that.

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