Bless, ESO and BDO news

The passing week was full of big and exciting news in many games! In the post I’ll focus on 3 MMOs – Bless, Elder Scrolls Online and Black Desert Online.

Bless Online – The publisher announced the Global Steam Early Access will become a thing in May. Also in May they’ll give us a possibility to buy founder packs and all the goodies. The prices are not stated yet though (but supposedly they will be announced soon as well). The Bless Online website also have been updated and sections like News, Media (you can find videos, wallpapers and fansite kits there) have been added. They’ve added an official Wiki with tons of articles about Bless lore, history, races and all the interesting informations. Also the Emissary program has started – if you want to affiliate with Bless and help them building community of positive people (either in Social Media or in game) you can apply for the program here. I sure applied but I don’t think I’ll be accepted, I’m not popular enough after all, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

Along with the big news some MMO websites released interviews with NEOWIZ, the Bless developer.

The character I made in Japanese Bless version. interview | interview

You can also win a Steam key for the game (but you still won’t be able to play until the Early Access release, in May) and even give your voice to some background characters (well, not all of it, unless you’re Little Mermaid)! How cool is that!

The hype is real, the Official Bless Discord in several days got thousands of new members! I honestly can’t wait until I can play the game. I downloaded the Japanese version to try out the character creator and I have to say: it’s really awesome, makes me hyped even more. As a side note – everyone agrees that Bless should have a standalone character creator and I’d also love a name generator implemented there so if someone wants to have a character named lore friendly – they could find such a name easily. Oh boy, when I think there will be housing, creature taming (you’ll be able can turn most of the found creatures into pets or mounts after taming) I want May to be here already.

Elder Scrolls Online – Did someone say May? I’d sell my kidney to bring it faster and do you know why? That’s why:

Summerset expansion is coming to ESO! It’s exciting and beautiful, and also huge.

The developer announced the news on their Twitch stream and everyone went crazy. I couldn’t watch it unfortunately because I was at work, but I could tell after amount of messages that instantly started flooding my guild’s Discord that Bethesda’s Twitch chat was most probably about to explode. I’m still very new to ESO but I want to play Summerset so much!

Also, if you preorder the digital Summerset upgrade until June 12 you get Morrowind free! Isn’t that awesome? (I just need to paint several commissions to afford it but still!)

Black Desert Online – All big MMOs are announcing something nowadays, and BDO joined the bandwagon. But it’s not a bad thing, on the contrary, it’s really good, I think. They published the Producer’s Letter, something I was really missing in Rift recently. It was announcing upcoming changes and of course thanking everyone for their support. The changes seem exciting: the item weight “reconfiguring”, as they called it, rare mob drops added to the loot tables and Fort/Command Post construction will be made easier. These changes will come into the game very soon though, with the nearest patch. You can read the whole the letter here.

And remember you can still try BDO for free!

Changes to some games, releases and new expansions of other ones – this week surely brought us some big news. And it’s going to be a really hot May. I’m pretty sure soon we should also get some updates on new Dragon Age. Is it just spring or everything seems exciting lately?


  • quentin syliboy

    Yet another great post, I’m so excited for Bless and I wish I could buy the preorder for ESO and grab the expansions for free 😛

    • LadyW

      Bless seems like it’s going to be really awesome. Devs seem to care a lot about the (potential) playerbase and they just released a dev talk about creating of the immersive world of Bless and I love it both because of what they say there and because they just talk about it. Buuut that’s also a topic for another blog post 😀 but yes hype hype hype :3 and ESO <3 maybe you should keep mentioning in the stream how much you'd like to play it. Also there was a free play event, I was busy with painting so I'm not sure if it's still going but you should definitely check it so you could at least try the game out (also if you get a sub you unlock all the dlc for the time of the sub).

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