Work in Progress

Painting videos!

Hi everyone!

After struggling a lot with a gooseneck camera stand to record my painting progress I recently did some research and decided I needed something else to record painting easily. I finally got a new stand and I have to say it was a good idea. There are definitely better stands and setups out there, but for now what I have is enough.

Using this new stand is how I managed to record a new painting video without any problems. Unfortunately, my uploading speed is still an issue so I had to speed the video up, but since I’ve already recorded it I also decided to add a voiceover this time! And someone asked me on my Fanpage to explain about what are the hardest parts of the painting process for me so that’s what I talked about in this latest video.

Anyway, the good news is – now I can record decent-ish process videos not only of digital, but also of traditional painting. And the gooseneck holder I used to use earlier now I can use to record traditional drawing process, for example markers and coloured pencils. It makes me pretty excited, to be honest 🙂 Let me know what do you want the next videos to be about – so far I have one suggestion I got on Twitter for talking about digitally painting lips and noses and that’s what the next video will be about.

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