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    Paletteful Packs – June 2022 | Part 2

    Paletteful Packs – June 2022, finished artwork

    This blog post is brought to you by my Ko-fi supporters! Thank you so much! This is part 2 of my June 2022 Paletteful Packs blog post (it was getting too long, so I had to split it into two parts). Below you can read about my thoughts on the supplies from the June 2022 pack and you can also see what I drew with them! (Some of the pictures were available for my Ko-fi supporters in Early Access release) To learn more about Paletteful Packs click HERE. To see what was inside this Pack click HERE. My thoughts The initial tests When you’re facing a blank sheet of a new paper and a bunch of new art supplies with an intention to “draw something” it can be quite an overwhelming feeling. You can overcome it by “taming” the supplies and the paper – familiarize yourself with them, if you…

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    Pencil eraser or Eraser pencil?

    So what’s the difference between a pencil eraser and eraser pencil? Well, one is an eraser and the other one is… also an eraser. Just in a pencil form. And it’s pretty awesome! I bought one a while ago but never really used it seriously, only to test it out. But now as I’m trying to delve more into mixed media traditional art I needed to make a sketch and that’s when I discovered this awesomeness. The eraser (in) pencil I have is the simplest possible Koh-I-Noor Era eraser which it’s super cheap and, surprisingly, super good. It erases pencils really well and is extremely handy when you have to erase only a small detail and your regular big eraser would mess up the other details around. You may say it’s a special task eraser for demanding. I really have no words to express how much I’m in love with…