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Bless updates!

We finally got some solid news about Bless Steam launch – the dates, the prices of both the game AND founder packs, but also the first wave of Emissaries was announced. Congrats everyone!

Wallpaper from official Bless website

The chosen Emissaries were divided into 3 categories. Creators from the first one were awarded for their work towards popularizing the game with invitation to the first official Bless press conference on which the game was presented to the participants, as well as the important news such as the base game price and founder packs pricing were announced. Two other categories were Bless Content Creators and Bless Community Leaders.

The list of the Emissaries you can find on official Bless website and below under „Show more” button (be warned, there is 96 people + press conference attendees names there!)


Unfortunately neither my streaming friend akaFayme got in, neither I, but don’t be mistaken, it won’t stop us from creating Bless content! The only difference is that we won’t be officially supported by Bless. And I’m pretty sure we’ll try again to apply in a while.

What I’m mainly disappointed with though is not even that I didn’t get in but that the Bless team assured everyone who asked that not only streamers can be content creators, you can be still a writer or an artist to be admitted and yet all the content creators that got in the Emissary program are streamers or YouTubers. But I’ll blame it on the advertising strategy – especially on the start Bless will need numbers to ensure the game’s success, so for now they picked streamers because that’s what’s the most popular nowadays.

Image from official Bless wiki

Prices, Dates, Founder Packs

Another announcement we got was pretty much the news all the future Bless players were waiting for.

Date: The game will launch May 30th unless you buy a Founder Pack – then you can play since May 28th

Price: The base game will cost $29,99.

Founder Packs: see the table below


Standard Edition


Deluxe Edition


Collector’s Edition


Includes Base Game Advanced Access (two day head start) Advanced Access (two day head start) Advanced Access (two day head  start)

+ One gift copy of Bless Online

Benefits Credits title „The Founder”

Premium customer service

Twinkling wing effect

Premium Membership 30 days 60 days 90 days
Lumena 2450 Lumena 3800 Lumena
Exclusive Skin Exclusive Mount Skin
Exclusive Pet Skin
Exclusive Mount Skin
Exclusive Pet Skin
Exclusive Costume Skin
Exclusive Weapon Skin

Now the prices caused an actual storm in the Bless fanbase, especially the Collector’s Edition. I know for sure that it’s WAY too much for me and if not the base game included in the Founder Packs I wouldn’t really buy any of those because the Standard Edition just doesn’t give you much and the Deluxe version is pricey and still not giving much either. The opinions I’ve seen on the internet are pretty much close to mine. The most people point out 2 things – one, that the Collector’s Edition Founder Pack is too expensive comparing to what it gives (they suggest that it should include some irl rewards too, for example a Bless hoodie) and that the Bless developers team never mentioned subscription plan, they’ve only talked about the game being b2p (buy to play) and not p2w (pay to win) at all and that it would have cash shop. Now in this announcenement we see that not only there will be a Premium Membership but also the Founder Packs are very overpriced. Some people expressed their concerns about the game monetization – they suggest that if the game closed its servers in two regions already the devs should learn something from that. I’ve even seen people cancelling their Bless stream schedules completely because of those prices.

As for me I have mixed feelings. I’d consider buying the middle Founder Pack if it was giving me something more. If nothing changes I’ll buy the Standard Edition and only because it has both the base game and 1 month of Premium Membership that would be probably around $25 so it would just be cheaper to buy a Founder Pack. At the moment I honestly don’t think the two other Founder Packs are worth their prices but if I was filthy rich I’d still buy them because I’d like to support the game I believe in.

Neowiz listened to the player’s opinions so far so we can hope the devs will change their pricing decisions. They still have almost 2 weeks to do it so it may still happen. If it doesn’t – well, I still will buy and play the game as it really seems awesome. Maybe it will be worth all the money after all?

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