• What’s more difficult – digital or traditional art?

    That depends on personal preferences. I personally love both techniques so both are equally difficult/easy but they’re both of course very different so something that can be easily achievable with digital techniques can be very difficult to do with traditional media and the opposite. I think digital art requires much more work and skills to get the same appreciation from the audience as slightly worse traditional artwork would get. So in this meaning, you can say that digital art is harder. But then, on the other hand, there is no “undo” in traditional art 🙂

  • How long does it take you to paint one image?

    It’s hard to tell. Often I forget to count the time spent on a painting and because of my work I can’t really focus on painting during the week so I usually paint only on weekends. Therefore, with painting for only several hours per week, some paintings can take me up to several months, depending on their complexity.

  • Do you design tattoos?

    I’ve done it only once so far, for a friend. Designing tattoos is not my speciality and it’s a big responsibility that at the moment I’d prefer not to take. If you REALLY want a tattoo designed by me – send me a message and we can talk about it.

  • Can you draw something for me?

    If you’re interested in commissioning me – please check the commissions section on the website. If you’d like a completely free artwork for me – I sometimes draw simple pictures for friends when I feel like it or paint them gifts for various occasions but you must understand – art takes a lot of time and other resources (physical or not) so you shouldn’t ask people to do draw something for you for free like you wouldn’t go to a bakery and ask for a custom free bread because you like their bread.

  • What paints do you use?

    In case of acrylics, I used to use A’Kryl paints from Renesans but for newer works, I use mostly Rembrandt acrylics from Royal Talens. Additionally, sometimes I mix in some Maimeri Acrilico i Liquitex Basics. Regarding watercolours – I’m only learning them, but I use Cotman from Winsor & Newton. My newest discovery are water-mixable oil paints Cobra from Royal Talens. I don’t have much experience with them yet but they are really awesome!