#BE3 ESO Showcase

  Earn a mount by watching ESO BE3 Showcase: Link your TESO and Twitch accounts Head to Twitch.tv/Bethesda Watch the stream Reward delivery starts the morning of June 10 (EDT time) On console: Log into the game on Sunday, June 9, between 3:00PM EDT and 11:00PM EDT Kill at least one monster You will receive your … Read More

ESO Morrowind Celebration

ESO Morrowind Celebration

Jump to the Celebration guide. Finally, my long awaited Morrowind Celebration event has started in ESO! But, first things first. What even is Morrowind?   In Tamriel, the Elder Scrolls Online playable continent, Morrowind is Dark Elves’ land. It consists mostly of 2 parts: big volcano island, Vvardenfell, and its surrounding part of Tamriel’s mainland. … Read More

ESO Plus Free Trial – February 2019

This Thursday (February 7) at 10:00AM EST The Free ESO Plus Event begins. During the event, everyone can try out the Elder Scrolls Online subscription (called ESO Plus) perks for free! You don’t have to apply any payment option and when it runs out it just finishes, no payment is required then either. It’s a perfect opportunity to … Read More